About The Club

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dingley Pony Club was formed in March 1993. Originally the rallies were held on private grounds
in Dingley, but i
n 1999 the Club secured the long term lease of 50 acres in the Patterson Lakes area. 
The move allowed the Club to increase the membership as well as improve the facilities for its members.

In July 2017, the Club became dual affiliated with both PCV and HRCAV

and was renamed "Dingley Riders Club".

The Club's grounds are located in Learmonth Road, Patterson Lakes (off Thompson Road),
Melway reference 98 A6.

Dingley Riders Club Expectation's.  

Parents: For members who are under 18 years of age a Parent or nominated adult must stay on the
Club premises for the duration of the each rally. In the case of a nominated adult the individual
must make himself or herself known to the DC at the start of the rally. The club runs on "Member power".
In order for the club to function members are required to participate by supporting any Working Bees
organised during the year to maintain and develop our grounds and by helping to prepare for rally days
and special events.

Members: All members are expected to abide by the Dingley Riders Club rules, be
punctual for rallies, courteous to Instructors, Committee members, Parents and fellow
Riders Club members. We expect our members to always make new members welcome and
participate in a spirit of cooperation and mutual enjoyment.
Mounts:  The rider must ensure that all their gear is safe and comfortable for their mount as well as 
themselves and that their mount is safe enough to work with other horses. No horse who is unsound or 
showing signs of lameness should be brought to Riders Club.